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Dear Kindergarten Parents,

Welcome to Kindergarten at Oak Grove STEAM Academy.  For those of you who have a child entering the school system, specifically kindergarten for the first time, get ready!  You will be amazed at the amount of learning that takes place.


Taylore Belcher                   Email

Jennifer Broder                  Email

Heather Burgess                Email

Veronica Delanuez            Email

Dana Studer                          Email

Carrie Walker                      Email


Support Staff

Lisa Brown, Parapro, 

Julie Cataline, Parapro

Charm Cochran , Special Education

Brandee Hamby, Parapro

Tia Hardy EIP 

Marivel Martinez, Parapro

Wendy McCullough, Parapro

Maria McDaniel, Parapro

Julie McNally, ESOL

Andrea Mells, Parapro

Amanda Montgomery, Parapro

Karen Read, EIP