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CCSD Leaders Tour Oak Grove ES STEAM Academy

CCSD Leaders Tour Oak Grove ES STEAM Academy


A photo gallery of the Oak Grove ES STEAM Academy tour can be viewed at [CONTENT_REVIEW InternalLink]

group photo

CCSD School Board Members and District leaders recently toured Oak Grove ES STEAM Academy to get an overview of how the school is blending STEM into its Fine Arts instruction.  Oak Grove ES is the District's first STEAM academy, adding a new component to the Academies program, which was founded in 2012.  CCSD has five STEM academies, one fine arts academy and now a STEAM academy among its elementary schools.  Guests on the tour heard directly from student ambassadors in each grade level about how they incorporated STEAM (STEM plus the Arts) into each lesson.  The school is pursuing state STEAM certification this year; CCSD has two State-certified STEM schools, Clark Creek ES STEM Academy and Woodstock HS.


tour in hallway

5th grade students explain their research project about erosion on the school grounds. A student team at each grade level greeted visitors and explained a STEAM project. 


tour of school

Kindergarten students explain a project of organizing items used in the school garden. 

reading a journal

A second-grade student shares her journal with Dr. Nicole Holmes, Chief Academic Officer.