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Meet the CCSD Teacher: Kali Johnson of Oak Grove ES STEAM Academy!

Meet the CCSD Teacher: Kali Johnson of Oak Grove ES STEAM Academy!

We’re proud of our CCSD family’s dedicated teachers … and every week, you’ll get to know one of them better through a Q&A posted here. #CCSDfam


Kali Johnson
Oak Grove Elementary School STEAM Academy
Second-grade teacher 

What’s the most innovative idea that you’ve tried in your classroom? 
A cookoff from Christina Gallagher at Clark Creek ES STEM Academy!  She helped us create a cookoff to go with properties of matter, and I was able to use it with Oak Grove’s second-grade Engineering Design Process (EDP).  Students researched and cooked different recipes with Georgia crops to present to judges!  

Who is the best teacher you ever had and what made him or her special?
My fifth-grade teacher, Ms. Horton!  She was the first teacher to show me that teachers are human, too, and that it’s OK to make mistakes. 

What can parents do to prepare their children for learning?
Read, read, read!  Reading opens a door to the world for students.  If they can read, they can do anything! 

What are the obstacles to getting all kids to achieve?
Getting the community involved in the child’s life.  It takes a village, and everyone being on basically the same page.  If a kid knows they are loved, and that their village believes in them, they will believe in themselves.  Then nothing can stop them!